Title: M2 enclosere after close to the whole idea I had was worked out.
M2 enclosere after close to the whole idea I had was worked out.

Just like the before version I will upload a couple pictures, that way you have a better idea where is what in the enclosure.
M2 is short for: Monkey enclosure 2. there is M1 and M4 also (and I couldnt get clear where M3 is or was....). M2 is meant for the monkeys who wouldnt survive in the wild and so will stay at WIN for the rest of their lives. For example we have a almost fully blind Macaques and a not native monkey here (forgot its name). so far 2 more (so a total of 4) would not be released as it is seen so far. So for them they needed a enclosure so they can get the other monkeys ready for release when they would be ready for it (the monkeys).
With that in mind I had a couple things I wanted to go in this enclosure.
1. A lot of branches and movable things that would enrich their enclosure for a very long time. This to prevent stereotype behavior.
2. Because the enclosure isnt as big as M1 and M4 (pictures will come another time, but just to give you a idea: they are 4 times as large at least). The caretakers will need to clean it also more often. We dont know if more monkeys will be put there to (so not releasable). So I wanted to give the caretakers a free head space to walk around in the enclosure. In the middle of the front there is a piece of fence that can go up so that it is easier to put large things in it. and at the back on the right side there is the normal door. Also at the left front there is the place the watertub will be which also needs to be refreshed often.
So to those places I wanted to give free head space to walk to for the caretakers. With that they are also maneuverable around the area to clean it.

The white box at the right front side is also enrichment. caretakers can put small pieces of fruit there that the monkeys can try to get by putting their arm into the hole and feel where there is fruit.

A note about the wood used: All wood used has been cut from dead trees that were already on the ground.

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Few things missing in this

Few things missing in this picture or havent been added yet:1: There are now a couple white bands of plastic inside the smaller chamber on the left side. This to create a visual barier when new monkeys get introduced. It is already placed, but the picture was taken before it.2: The diea is to place 2 pipes next to the fence door at the front of the enclosure. These pipes will be used to put brances with leaves in them as enrichment. by opening that fence they can easily put the brances in the tubes and close it up again. These 2 tubes still need to be placed.3: A watertub. in The Netherlands we call it a Cementbak (concretebox) where you could mix the concrete powder with water and sand. Here they use it for water. There is a small one placed now, but a later one will come in its place.4: Monkeys of course. yesterday (wednesday) we let Miss G inside the enclosure. She is the monkey who is almost fully blind. and so it would be best for her to discover the enclosure before other monkeys would join. Before she sat in the small chamber in the back, and because there wasnt that much room sadly would show stereotype behavior. She couldnt be put with other groups who would be released for they would bully her with ease.I have to say: Since she got into the new enclosure I have seen less stereotype behavior, or mostly to rexal from all the new impressions and stress a fully new enclosure gives to her. So far today I havent seen any stereotype behavior of which I am very happy. I hope that my design will keep the monkeys who are put in it from showing any also.

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