Title: The wild Macaques (berberaap) that got I told about in my blog
The wild Macaques (berberaap) that got I told about in my blog

Well I thoughed to show you a picture of the wild macaques in question where I talked about in my blog.
For those who havent read my blog yet: This monkey got himself electrocuted in one of the electricity poles. His left underarm was beyond saving and so they had to amputate it. Beside that the scar on his belly was also because of the electricity. It is one lucky monkey to have been found. He seems to be doing fine, still scared of humans (what I think is a good thing) and when he is all oke again, he will be released around the area where they found him. Because his group is most likely around there also.

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Update:Teusday the 18th of

Update:Teusday the 18th of November we released this wild Macaques around the area where he was found. It was healthy, wounds had healed and it wouldnt be good for him (since it was wild) to be in human care longer then needed.When we opened the box he ran out fast and into the forrest. hopefully he has learned to not touch those wires again.Now he can join his group again.

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