Learn how to count with…..?

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What do you need?
Tennis balls or other objects to represent the numbers

How does it work?
There are multiple ways to teach young students how to count. For the younger students it's important to involve them in your lesson. Just reading out the numbers and expect the students to remember them isn't the ideal way to teach counting. One way is to bring tennis balls or other objects with you to represent the numbers. For example, throw five tennis balls to a student and ask them how many balls he or she holds in his or her hands. Then ask this student to throw a number of balls to another student so he or her can answer the same question. Another great way to teach students how to count is by incorporating the numbers in a song. You can choose a local melody or song and incorporate the numbers in the lyrics. This video may inspire you to make your own song. In this video the students learned how to count by incorporating the numbers in the well known song “The Macarena”

What else do I need to know?
After a lesson of learning how to count to ten you can do a quick quiz to check what the students picked up from your lessons that day.

What is the purpose of this activity?
The students will learn how to count on a basic level. For you as a teacher this activity can help you to learn how to prepare a math-lesson.

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