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What do you need?

  • A map of the world, a region or a country
  • Pencils
  • Little cards with cities or countries
  • Drawing pins

How does it work?
Hand out cards with cities or countries to your students. One by one they can come forward en attach one of their cards on the map using a drawing pin. The students score points by putting the card on the correct city or country. The game ends when all the cards are used. The student(s) with the most points wins. If this goes well you can make the game harder. The best way to start is by using cities from their own country and work you way up to countries or cities all over the world. To make it even harder you can use flags instead of names.

What else do I need to know?
Check for inspiration!

What is the purpose of this activity?
This game learns the students something about their own country and eventually something about the world. The challenge for you as a teacher is to keep things organized during the game. You will learn how keep things fun and orderly at the same time.

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