Weekschedule for volunteer work with children

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Morning Coloring: bring pencils, crayons and coloring pictures for the kids to have fun with.
Afternoon Musical Chairs: when the music plays the kids will run around the chairs. If the music stops they have to find an empty chair to sit on. The kid who's the only one standing up has to leave the game. Every round one chair less is available. At the end of the game one kid wins.

Morning Teach computer skills by playing typing games like: http://cognitivelabs.com/word_shoot.htm
Afternoon Bingo is a fun way to teach kids how to count. They learn in a playful way how to quickly recognize numbers.

Topography lesson: start with learning the kids the big city's in their own country. If this goes well expand the lesson with the capital of neighboring country's or the continent.
Afternoon Dodgeball: this game is played all around the world. Make sure you've got a ball, a crayon to draw the playingfield and a set of rules.

Morning Math lesson: teach the kids to count to ten (or higher, depending on their level). Bring something to represent the numbers, for example fruits. This adds a visual aspect to your lesson that will help the kids to learn in a playful way. Afternoon Dance lesson: bring a cd with music the kids can dance to, learn some basic moves to teach the kids.

Morning Twister: This is a great game for learning body parts, colours, right and left, giving instructions, and having a giggle at the same time!
Afternoon For lunch you can bake pancakes with the kids. A lot of fun and a tasty end of the week.

What else do I need to know? Try to create a daily schedule that has some variety between physical activities and activities that need more concentration. If you work with a group of boys and girls make sure your daily schedule is interesting for both groups. Avoid a whole day of playing football or a whole playing with dolls...

Purpose of these activities? By making a week schedule you know what you will be doing for the week. This gives you an insight in what you will need this week and gives the students a certain structure.

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