Sign Language Teaching Method: Teacher's Guide


My name is Amber Boven and I would like to donate my teaching method to the World Study Bank for the category Language.
It's a method to teach Ugandan sign language to young children. Since sign language is different in every country it has to be said this is a project on the Ugandan sign language. But I think it's easy to make a different version of this method with any other sign language if people know the signs of the words.
I've included the Teacher's Guide which has a short description of the Ugandan deaf culture and several games to teach the children signs.
I also included 4 booklets in which there are pictures of the signs and a tutorial on how to make the sign memory set.
And there is an essay on my whole project in Dutch, I don't know if that's relevant to publish here, since it will be only helpful to the Dutch people and it's more of an essay in which I explain why I made certain decisions during the project.
At last there is a picture of all products together when I finished it all.
By using this teaching method the deaf children in Uganda will get the chance to learn with the hearing kids. So they won't be isolated anymore. With this method you won't be able to teach them the whole sign language and grammar, but you do lower the border between deaf and hearing children. Because by playing together they acknowledge each other and see that deaf children aren't strange.
So it will make sure they are noticed in the society, so they have a better chance on a normal life.
I hope you like this teaching method and it'll be helpful to other volunteers.
Best wishes, Amber Boven
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