you will learn the kids a little bit about biology

First, a Staff member of San Martin will introduce you to the kids. You will stand in front of the class where you will get the opportunity to shortly tell the kids something about yourself. For instance your name, age, favorite sport etc. 

After this short introduction you can start the Biology Module:

  1. Learn the kids some body parts by pointing to a body part and naming it. Let the kids repeat the correct name. Repeat for several body parts.

Examples of body parts: shoulders, head, arm, elbow, knee, finger, nail, hair, eyes, eyebrow, toe, chin, cheek, neck, back.

  1. Ask the children to tell you the Tagalog names for the bodyparts.

  2. Point to a body part and let the kids tell you the correct name. Repeat again for different body parts.

  3. Put up the poster in front of the class (see Appendix A in the back of this map) and distribute the body parts name cards among the children. Point at a body part on the poster and let the children come in front (preferably one by one) to put the right name tags on it.

  4. Sing the song ‘Head Shoulders Knee and Toe’ with the kids.

The aim of the Biology Module is to provide the kids with practical knowledge. 

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Lyrics of ‘Head Shoulders Knees and Toes’
picture of the human body
Please remember that having a positive and energetic attitude is most important as the aim of the modules is to provide the kids with a fun and playful activity. Enjoy!
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