Mediterranean habits


Mediterranean habits



I remember my time in Italy with huge meals, of multiple courses, hours and hours spent around the table dining with friends and family. One specific ingredient used in Italy is olive oil. Healthy to the max, used in small portions. 


Fresh and homemade are the two words that describe home cooking in France. Most meals are freshly prepared meals. Everything made from scratch from salad dressings to bread. It is a daily practice for many Europeans. The French are famous for drinking wine with their dinner. All in moderation, then it is even good for health!


Flamengo is the example of exercise in a fun way, while dancing. Joy and sorrow threaten to overwhelm you. The raw passion of flamengo can bring you to another world. Get transformed as well and listen to:

  • Pata Negra, Blues de la fontera (1987)
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Every one takes naps, the so called siesta. Shops are closed, people eat with family and friends and take a nap afterwards. The nap has the effect that you can't sleep early, so you work until later in the evening, since you had a siesta. You have dinner later and you sleep later.

Mañana mañana is a word from the Spanish language that means tomorrow and morning. This word describes the period of time between midnight and noon. It means it is done sometime tomorrow, which means no stress. Take it easy. Enjoy life and relax when possible.


It is recently I have visited Greece. Greece was on my bucket-list. Greece with an interesting history. What I remember is that people in Greece consume greens as well as herbs numerous times. They love to drink herbal drinks such as chamomile, Greek mountain tea, and add thyme and oregano to their meal every day.

A Mediterranean habit is everything in moderation and it was coined by the Greek philosopher Cleobulus. It is key in living well.

A Greek year revolves around saints days and festivals. Most people are named after a saint, areas, stations, boats you name it. Did you know that name days are more important than birthdays? And of course take the Mediterranean habit to celebrate it all!


Daily life in Malta is very laid back. No one seems to ever be in a rush.

Many locals enjoy good conversation over a coffee. Malta is a very much family-orientated island, and you can see families spending time together.

It is too hot during the day, especially in summer, when the sun is high on the horizon, so the shops are closed and people are resting.


Monacan habits are also connected to food! Daily eating habits reflect a Mediterranean heritage. French and Italian influences can be found in the local recipes. Breakfast is very small, but lunch and dinner often have multiple courses.


Expect people to be late. There is a Mediterranean way of dealing with time and people are relaxed and take it easy. That means not living by the clock. 

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. For a gathering of family and friends expect a breakfast invitation instead of a dinner invitation. Sharing food is important in the Turkish culture.

The Mediterranean Sea is surrounded by 16 countries. Of these 16 countries, 6 are in Europe, 5 are in Africa, 4 are in Asia. The 6 European countries that border the Mediterranean are Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Greece, and the island country of Malta and Turkey. The 5 African countries are Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco; the 4 Asian countries are Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Cyprus.

Since the Mediterranean area is quite big, it is difficult to generalise, but let's try for a change.

To me the Mediterranean is famous for food. Often people speak about the Mediterranean diet. A Mediterranean diet consists food that is found in the region like fresh vegetables, local herbs and spices, fish and seafood, lentils, poultry, eggs, cheese, yoghurt, nuts. Consume with (a moderate amount of) wine and plenty of water.  Many nutrition experts recommend the Mediterranean diet for health reasons. There is hardly any red meat in the diet.


The hot climate has defined the Egyptians' national character - calmness. People in Egypt like to take it easy. They are often late and spend a lot of time to make a decisions. Non-punctuality and slowness are justified by the habit of living by the "Egyptian time". It is from the Mediterranean habit to relax. Egyptians' favorite word is "Bukra", which means "tomorrow". Which reminds me of mañana mañana.





Morocco has a small part of the country, which is on the Mediterranean coast. You will find Mediterranean habits in Morocco. Family is for most Moroccans is the most important element in life. It is family before work, friends and sometimes even marriage. Many Moroccans live with their families before and after marriage. The topic family is a populair topic to talk about. It is normal to inquire about details of family relationships of a person you don't know.

The people in the country are in general warm, open and do not have any inhibitions. A guest is a gift from Allah. People are likely to invite you to their homes. 

Dine and feed your guests even if you are starving is a proverb. The people are generous and will likely send you home stuffed and full. 

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Israeli diet is considered the healthiest of the world. It totally fits the Mediterranean diet, it is the Mediterranean diet! A lot of vegetables, lemon, chickpeas, moderate amounts of dairy and meat, and all with olive oil. All meals are served in small portions.  


Family is a priority in Cyprus. Parents take care of their children. When parents grow old, children will take care of them. Old people take care of their grandchildren. Family is everything!

People Cyprus are generally slown and they postpone things until the next day. Nobody is in a hurry and try to enjoy every minute of life.



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