PCHP: Personality, Clinical & Health Psychology (IBP)

PCHP: Personality, Clinical & Health Psychology (IBP)

On this page I collect all the summaries, practice exams and lecture notes for Personality, Clinical and Health Psychology!


Summary PCHP Chapter 3-4

Basics of Assessment

                Assessment: Process of gathering information about symptoms and possible causes
                                         .Also: Current symptoms, ways of stresscoping, recent events, substance abuse
                                          cognitive functioning, sociocultural background.

                Diagnosis: Label for a set of symptoms


  • Validity:
    - Ability of a test to measure what it is intended to measure


Workgroup notes

Practice exams


Introduction to personality, clinical and health psychology

Chapter 1. What is abnormality?

  • The study of abnormal psychology is the study of people who suffer from mental, emotional and often physical pain. This is often called psychopathology.
  • Cultural relativism states that behavior can only be abnormal according to current cultural norms and not through universal standards.
  • The distress-criterium states that behavior can be viewed as abnormal when a person experiences distress as a consequence of that behavior.
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