Sustainability, ethics & travelling


Sustainability, ethics & travelling


Sustainable Socks!

For my birthday this year, my roommate gave me one of the best presents; socks made with abandoned fish nets. These fishnets are taken from the ocean and reused through, among others, making socks out of them. Awesome present since it's sustainable and helps to save the


Coral-friendly Sunblock

Did you know that there are areas in which you are not allowed to use regular sunblock? In Mexico for example, there are several marine parks (Cozumel, Chankanaab, Xcaret, Xel Ha, and Garrafon) where you can't swim while wearing regular sunblock, so you'll need an alternative. 


Hey everyone! 

Here I'm gathering all kinds of useful blogs, recipes, tips etc. that have to do with travelling eco-friendly, sustainably and ethically! If you have any additions, let me know and I can add them :). 

I booked a flight, now how do I compensate?

Alright, I did it! I booked a flight to Japan because of a job interview (they didn't want to do it over skype because I should get to know the company). I couldn't pass the chance for something I always wanted to do, so against my own moral judgement I'm going to Japan for 2 weeks in August. However, since I'll be adding an enormous load of CO2 and other gasses into the air, I want to find a sustainable and ethical way to compensate for this. Let me take you with me in this quest, so maybe you can use the info too!


Travelling and the climate: what you could and shouldn't do

Climate has been on the forefront of international negotiations in the past decades. The evidence of human-induced climate change and its consequences is abundant and ever increasing. While states are delving into seemingly never-ending negotiations, citizens and other non-state actors are increasingly acting on reducing emission through all kinds of easy and more inventive ways. One contradicting issue rises, however; the increase in welfare in combination with decreasing flight prices is causing a boost in international aviation numbers.

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5 vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Kyoto

If you're a vegetarian and have been to Japan, you'll probably know that finding vegetarian, let alone vegan, food is quite a challenge. If you haven't been to Japan, now you know... Most dishes contain meat or fish, and even if they seem vegetarian, they often hide some fish stock, bonito flakes or other type of broth that was used to cook something in. However, it is not impossible to eat vegan or vegetarian when in Japan (I did it for 7 months), but you'll have to be up for a challenge. 


Vegan Arepas

Arepas are corn pancakes/bread that can be eaten in all kinds of ways. If I understood correctly, arepas are mostly eaten like a kind of sandwich in Colombia (so cut open the arepa and put stuffing inside), while in Ecuador I mostly got it as a kind of thick pancake with

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