WorldSupporter How to

WorldSupporter How to

Tool overview

  • Go to 'WorldSupporter Tools' for a brief introduction to the different tools on WorldSupporter
  • Go to 'Supporter Tools: ABC'  for an overview of all feateres of the platform

How to use the features of WorldSupporter

  • During 2017 a complete redesign of WorldSupporter was launched. Since then JoHo developers have added new features, new lay outs, new navigation tools and notifications
  • In this magazine you will find more information on how to use the newest features.
  • The Dutch version is already available here

More specific manuals per WorldSupporter tool

Last updated

Latest feature: Sticky content

Today a new feature has been added: Sticky content. You can now pin your most relevant contribution(s) on top of your profile. Some content you create has a longer relevancy to your public than other contributions. With this feature you can direct visitors of your profile to

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