Comparative Criminal Law (2016/2017)

Comparative Criminal Law (2016/2017)

In this bundle you will find all the important lectures and working groups of the course Comparative Criminal Law (2016/2017), Utrecht University. 

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Comparative Criminal Law Working Group 1

Comparative Criminal Law: Workgroup 1 (2016/2017)

Comparative criminal law

Working group 1


Assignment 1

According to Brants & Franken, the central issue determining whether a criminal process is (predominantly) inquisitorial or adversarial, is the conception of the ideal search for the truth (p. 6 literature reader). Weigend’s article also elaborates on the truth-finding in both systems.


  1. Describe the inquisitorial truth-finding conception, explaining also that the term ‘inquisitorial’ is closely related to the word ‘inquiry’.


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