European Law (2016/2017) Seminars

European Law (2016/2017) Seminars

All the Seminars of the Course European Law (2016/2017), Utrecht University. 

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European Law (2016/2017) Seminar 2

Seminar 2 of the Course European Law (2016/2017), Utrecht University

Week 2

Free movement of workers and persons & EU citizenship


Seminar questions

Question 1

  1. What is meant by the concept of a worker within the meaning of Article 45 TFEU? What are the two main elements of the activity performed by the migrant worker?


Answer to question 1a:

According to the case Lawry Blum, par. 12. The term ‘worker’ covers ‘’any person performing for remuneration work the nature of which is not determined by himself for and under the control of another, regardless of the legal nature of the employment relationship’’.

European Law (2016/2017) Seminar 3

Seminar 3 of the Course European Law (2016/2017), Utrecht University

Week 3

The Area of Freedom, Security and Justice


Question 1

  1. Which policy areas does the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice encompass?


Answer to question 1a:

The Area of Freedom, Security and Justice is regulated by Article 3(2) TEU: ‘The Union shall offer its citizens an area of freedom, security and justice without internal frontiers, in which the free movement of persons is ensured in conjunction with appropriate measures with respect to external border controls, asylum, immigration and the prevention and combating of crime.’ 

European Law (2016/2017) Seminar 5

Seminar 5 of the Course European Law (2016/2017), Utrecht University

This is a seminar about Week 6!

Week 6 European Law (Seminar 5)

Equal treatment in employment


Question 1

Which similarities and/or differences are to be discerned between the discrimination prohibition on the grounds of age, handicap, belief and sexual orientation of Directive 2000/78, and the discrimination prohibition on the ground of nationality of Article 45 TFEU?

Take regard of their personal and material scope and their interpretation by the ECJ.


European Law (2016/2017) Seminar 6

European Law, Week 7: Transfer of Undertakings & Collective Redundancies (Seminar 6) (2016/2017) Utrecht University. 

European Law: Seminar 6 (Week 7) Transfer of undertakings & collective redundancies

Question 1

What is the purpose of the Collective Redundancies Directive and which three, distinct aspects does it regulate for this purpose?


Answer to Question 1:

The purpose of the Directive is in preamble 2 of the Directive: ‘’Greater protection should be afforder to workers in the event of collective redundancies while taking into account the need for balanced economic and social development within the Community.’’

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