World Supporter summaries Macroeconomics

World Supporter summaries Macroeconomics


I collected some materials regarding Macroeconomics that I encountered on WorldSupporter.

Macroeconomics summaries of books, (guest) lectures and college notes

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Lecture Notes Macroeconomics for E&BE Year 1

Lecture 1: The Great Depression, Aggregate output, composition of GDP, goods market, Equillibrium, alternate interpretation of the goods market

Lecture 2: What is money, money demand, money supply, the IS-LM model

Lecture 3: Great Recession, economic openness, openness in goods markets, exchange rates, fiscal policy in the open economy

Lecture 4: aggregate supply, labour market, price determination, the AS curve

Lecture 5: wage setting and price setting to aggregate supply, the aggregate demand function, monetary policy in the AD-AS model

Lecture 6: the Solow growth model, the role of saving, C/n in steady state, saving and consumption, optimal savings rate, extensions of Solow model

Glossary for Macroeconomics

Deze samenvatting is gebaseerd op het studiejaar 2013-2014.


Glossary for Macroeconomics

Let op:

Dit is een glossary bij het boek Macroeconomics (Blanchard) dat voorgeschreven was in 2012-2013. In 2013-2014 is een ander boek voorgeschreven.


Chapter 1: A Tour of the World



level of production of economy as whole – and its growth rate

Unemployment rate

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