Oefenbundel Financial Accounting for IB/EBE

Oefenbundel Financial Accounting for IB/EBE

In this bundle you can find four practice exams that can be used to prepare for your Financial Accounting exam. Practicing a lot is the best way to prepare for your exam, and it will help you get the skills you need in order to pass the exam. From my own experience, I can tell that it really is the best way to prepare.

One of the exams I made for you is freely accessible for everybody, and another three of the exams can be accessed only by JoHo Members. 

I am already in my third year of the Bachelor of Economics & Business Economics. At the moment I am following a minor about Law/Punishment. In my first year I already started with working for Joho, and from that moment on I made a couple of summaries and exams to practice with. I hope that this material to practice with is helpful for you :) 

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