4 Months experience as a project member in the Eco-club team and a co-founder of the Masterclass academic skills in Kundapura, India!


Skills gained/improved: team work, project work, adjusting, culture, social, convincing, communication, problem solving and being amazed.


Best experiences:

-Teaching a Ducth song to Indian students

-Eating Thali till walking was not possible anymore

-Juice at Phrabus

-On a motorcycle in Bangalore

-Crowded Riksja

-Indian train

-Office in the jungle


Work tasks:

-Designing sessions about environment and sustainability.

-Conducting sessions in various schools in the surrounding of Kundapur.

-Designing a new 8 week long masterclass which aims on training students to take over tasks themselves.

-Implementing the masterclass project.

-Conducting the masterclass.

-Working together with other home based projects


Last updated

Masterclass Academic Skills, an environmental case study. “The Kick-off 1.0”

Fri, 16th Jan. 2015, Kundapura, India!

A brand new initiative! A masterclass for Indian students that is focused on gaining skills. It is a 8 week long program in which we are going to challenge the students to get out of the books and learn while doing. Topics like project work, debating, presenting, research and learn strategies will be covered. Time for action.


Masterclass Academic Skills, an environmental case study. “Learn strategies”

Monday 2nd February, Kundapura, India.

The students ran up the stairs into the classroom, unprecedented enthusiasm. We chose a different set up, sitting on the ground the Indian way. Together we worked on a learn plan for improving English and introduced the assignment for the week. At the end of the class we gave all the students the extraordinary picture we made last lesson.

It is crazy, I am always leaving these sessions with more energy than I entered, it a pleasure to work together with this team.


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