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Introduction to Statistics

This page presents an explanation of some fundamental concepts regarding statistics. In the connected pages you can find:

  • A glossary of the most important terms generally associated with Introduction to statistics
  • Selected contributions of other WorldSupporters regarding Introducti...

Recognizing commonly used statistical symbols

In statistics, you will come across many symbols. On this page you will find the most commonly used statistical symbols in alphabetical order with their name and meaning for a quick reference. Commonly used statistical symbols

  • Commonly used greek symbols
  • Commonly used la...

Understanding type-I and type-II errors

Type-I and Type-II errors When drawing conclusions, four scenarios are possible:

  • Correct decision: the null hypothesis is incorrect, and the researcher rejects the null hypothesis.
  • Correct decision: the null hypothesis is correct, and the researcher does not reject the null hypo...

Applying correlation, regression and linear regression

Correlation, Regression, Linear Regression

  • Correlation versus regression
  • Correlation
  • Regression

Correlation versus regression Correlation and Regression are the two analysis based on multivariate distribution. A multivariate distribution is described ...


Hey students, If you find the book "Statistical Methods for the Social Scienes" of Agresi & Finlay (5th Edition) too long, too boring or what ever negative adjective you wanna add - at least take a look into the summaries (Dutch or English). Here you find the info you need to survive the lecture...

What can you do on a WorldSupporter Statistics Topic?
  • Understand statistics with knowledge and explanation about a topic of statistics
  • Practice with questions and answers to test your statistical knowledge and skills
  • Watch statistics practiced in real life with selected videos for extra clarification
  • Study relevant t...

This blog presents a selection of starting pages with publicly available social datasets for research. From here, you can access 1000+ datasets for psychology research. APA Links to Data Sets and Repositories

  • 15+ links to datasets and repositories for a large range of subjects


Samenvatting SPSS Survival Manual van Pallant (6e druk, 2016)

Samengestelde samenvatting, gebaseerd op de SPSS Survival Manual van Pallant, 6e druk uit 2016. Deze samenvatting is zowel te gebruiken bij versie 24 van IBM SPSS als bij andere versies. Bij gebruik van andere versies kan het voorkomen dat de opties een soortgelijke naam hebben gekregen of een ...

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SPSS Bijbel

SPSS "Bijbel" Een praktisch en concreet handvat over hoe je SPSS het beste in kan zetten, opgedeeld rondom:

  • Het univariaat lineair model
  • Bilineaire modellen
  • Clusteranalyse
  • en een uitgewerkte oefening

Bron: internet, Joris Pieters 2006

New topic: Introduction to statistics

Check out our new WorldSupporter Statistics Topic Introduction to Statistics where the basics of statistics is explained and defined and where you can test and share your knowledge about Introduction to Statistics

New contributor: Annemarie

People who share their statistical knowledge and skills can contact WorldSupporter Statistics for more exposure to a larger audience. The first one has found us and we were able to place the first contributions to our first WorldSupporter Statistics Topics. Would you like to expose your audience as ...


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What is an experimental research design?

In experimental studies, a variable (the independent variable) is manipulated to examine its possible effects on behavior (the dependent variable). If this is true (and all other assumptions are met), we can conclude that the independent variable causes these changes. The main feature of an experime...

What are measurements of the central tendency?

Measurements of the central tendency are measurements that display where on the scale the distribution is centered. There are three ways to do so: the mode, the median and the mean.

  1. Mode: is used least frequently and is often least useful. The mode is simply the most frequently occurring sc...

What is face-validity in statistics?

Face-validity refers to the extent to which a measure seems to measure what it should measure. A measure has face-validity when people think that what is measured is indeed the case. This form of validity can thus not be computed statistically; it is determined by the researcher, the participants an...

What is the confidence interval?

As mentioned before, you can never be sure that your results are exactly in accordance with the true population parameter. To indicate this, you can calculate a confidence interval. That is a range of numbers below and above the estimate parameter, in which the true parameter will likely be. For exa...

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Summary & Study Notes
SPSS samenvatting

Deze bundel bevat een samenvatting van SPSS en is gebaseerd op de 24e versie. De volgende delen zijn beschikbaar: Wat is SPSS: een introductie (1) Definities en begrippen in SPSS (2) Afhankelijke en onafhankelijke variabelen (3) Meetschalen van variabelen (4) Gemiddelden berekenen (5) Variantie bere...

Oefententamens voor deeltoets I - Psychologie RUG jaar 2 - Statistiek III

In de bijlage vind je twee oefententamens (en antwoorden) bij deeltoets I voor het vak Statistiek III. Gegeven aan de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, als onderdeel van jaar 2 bachelor psychologie. Tentamen 1 bestaat uit 25 vragen met antwoorden Tentamen 2 bestaat uit 23 vragen met antwoorden Statisti...

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