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Dit magazine gaat over persoonlijkheidsstoornissen. Dat is diepgewortelde psychoproblematiek. Hier kun je artikelen vinden om het onderwerp beter te begrijpen en erachter te komen wat voor soort behandelingen er zijn.

Introduction to clinical psychology

In this magazine, you can find the information you need for the first year course introduction to clinical psychology in the study psychology at the uva.


Light Heart Home Care is a local non-medical home care agency that was built on integrity, love, kindness, and compassion. We are fully committed to be involved in the care of your loved one by providing the services needed to improve their activities of daily living, lessen the stress on family and...


This bundle contains everything you need to know for the first interim exam of Clinical Psychology for the University of Amsterdam. It uses the book "Abnormal Psychology, the science and treatment of psychological disorders by A. M. Kring, S. L. Johnson, G. C. Davison and J. M. Neale (thirteent...


This bundle contains the articles and lectures for the course "Psychological Assessment" given at the University of Amsterdam. It contains the following materials: Interim exam 1:  - Lecture 1 (Wright (2011); Gregory (2014); Bijttebier et al. (2019). - Lecture 2 (Wright (2011). - Lect...

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Therapeutic strategies for enhancing inhibitory learning are:

  • Expectancy violation The more the expectancy can be violated by experience, the greater the inhibitory learning
  • Deepened extinction Either multiple fear CSs are first extinguished separately before being combined during ...

What are the three types of genotype-environment correlations?

The three types of genotype-environment correlations are

  • Passive The association between the genotype a child inherits from his or her parents and the environment (shaped by the parents with similar genotypes) in which the child is raised
  • Reactive The genotype leads to behaviour, w...

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Summary & Study Notes
Collegeaantekeningen Klinische Psychologie - RUG
  • College 1: Introductie
  • College 2: Psychofarmacologie
  • College 3: Diagnostiek
  • College 4: GGZ
  • College 5: Angst
  • College 6: Depressie
  • College 7: Verslaving
  • College 8: Schizofrenie
  • College 9: Pijn
  • College 10: Z...
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