Blue monday

Oh my, blue monday... I thought it was already the most depressing day of the year, with the wintertime, the clock turning back and all the rain. Scientifically it is proven that most people in the world are depressed on this monday. The reason is that holidays seem far and you had more than two weeks to do what is on your good intention new years list.

Let's try to make it another sort of day... Let me know your thoughts.

When we are failing, it doesnt matter, the next blue mondays are planned: 

23 januari 2023
22 januari 2024
20 januari 2025
19 januari 2026
25 januari 2027
24 januari 2028
22 januari 2029
21 januari 2030
20 januari 2031

* Oh oh my calendar says blue monday is 17th of january. Wikipedia says it is 24th of january. Let me know, then I change the calendar. 

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