14 May 2018 Book launch: Entrepreneurship in Africa

The book Entrepreneurship in Africa, edited by Akinyinka AkinyoadeTon Dietz and Chibuike Uche, is published in the framework of the collaborative research group Governance, Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Development. It will officially be launched on Monday 14 May and the programme will be as follows:

15.30  Opening by Prof. Jan-Bart Gewald, Director of the ASCL
15.40  Review of the book by 
Peter de Ruiter, Managing Director of the Netherlands-African Business Council NABC
16.05  Review of the book by Dr. 
Nicky Pouw, Governance and Inclusive Development, University of Amsterdam
16.30  Questions and answers, moderated by Prof. 
Ton Dietz
17.00  Closing remarks and drinks

Info from and registration via: http://www.ascleiden.nl/news/book-launch-entrepreneurship-africa

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