Unusual Feminist Films: Watch and Discuss

'Activist platform Doetank PEER and the Feminist Club Amsterdam are organizing their very own first feminist film screening, and it is not a conventional one!

In collaboration with cultural centre ACU, we will screen a controversial and captivating film that tells the forbidden story of a young boy who secretely falls in love with an elderly man and deals with one of the biggest taboos still present in our society.

However, this is not just a lazy movienight. Afterwards, we will discuss, think, and put our minds to how we can deal with the taboos surrounding large age differences in relationships from a feminist point of view.

Is age just a number? Watch & Discuss!

Location: ACU, Utrecht
Day: 12th February
Time: 20.00 – 23.00
Tickets: entry is free IF you bring a friend, family member or stranger who normally does not attend these type of events. Let’s expand our feminist and activist bubble!

Contributions, Comments & Kudos


Klinkt wel gaaf. Ik kan helaas niet, maar zal kijken of ik iemand voor je kan vinden die eventueel mee kan gaan. Scheelt je weer wat centen :)

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