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Magazine for digital nomads, global workers, people combining work & travel. Information and updates about job opportunities, visa options and blogs about working online around the globe.

Sanitization services in Delhi

Home Sanitization Services in Delhi NCR Today we all know the whole mankind is facing a deadly threat of COVID-19, and this era of lock down and curfew has taught us many new ways of living and the way important is it to stay safe and stay alive? AKS FACILITIES have realized how important we are in ...


1. What are the issues to bear in mind when emigrating?

  • Keep track of the emigration process; for example write down what to do and what you are going through in an emigration diary.
  • Make use of the media and guidebooks when researching possible destinations.
  • Get an i...

Alternative Law Firm Pricing Models

Alternative pricing systems and payment strategies have become more common inside the law profession. Several law firms are taking advantage of them; let us help you understand the pricing model for alternative law firms. Utilize models of alternative pricing for better expertise: For generations, l...

Wonen, leven en werken in het buitenland

Ga je voor langere tijd wonen en werken in het buitenland? Waar kan je allemaal rekening mee houden? De 'regeldruk' is soms groot, voor vertrek of als je net in het buitenland bent aangekomen. In deze omgeving vind je een selectie van blogs voor iedereen met plannen voor een lang verblijf in he...


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When traveling is your hobby and want to keep your personal stuff safe in the airplane, train, bus, boat or when u sleep in a hostel. Use a travelsafe! Find out what kind of travelsafe is usefull for you, click here!  

waste collection cleanup

Join the Movement Join millions of volunteers in more than 150 countries to clean up the world in one day! 21 September you can join actions of others or start your own initiative. You can pick one bag of trash or a whole truck full - any litter reduction is welcome. Started small in Estonia, no...

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