Historical and Conceptual Issues in Psychology by M. Brysbaert and K. Rastle (second edition) – Summary chapter 9

Bacon suggested systematic research in which all information on the topic was gathered and put into three tables:Essence and presenceIn this table, all the instances in which the phenomenon was present need to be written down.Deviation or absence in proximityIn this table, all the instances similar to the ones in the first table in which the phenomenon was absent need to be written down. Degrees of comparisonIn this table, all the instances in which the phenomenon was present in different degrees need to be written down.Pragmatism has four methods of information gathering:Method of tenacityThis method includes the assumptions and beliefs people have because they have been around for a long time. Method of authorityThis method includes knowledge which is formed by consulting authority.A priori methodThis method includes using reason and logic to reach conclusions and this method includes deductive and intuitive knowledge.Scientific methodThis method includes using the scientific method to obtain knowledge.Science makes use of the correspondence theory of truth. Its claim of intellectual superiority is based on realism (1), objectivity (2), truth (3) and rationality (4). Postmodernism refers to a group of people who question the special status of science and see scientific explanations as stories told by scientists. They state that science is a social construction and that the truth of statements depends on how well they fit in with the paradigm rather than whether they represent reality. Russell’s paradox demonstrates that the naïve set theory results in a contradiction, meaning that something is correct and false at the same time. Wittgenstein concludes that this paradox stems from a lack of clarity in what makes something meaningful. He makes several statements:The world is a totality of facts.Elementary facts are indivisible and independent of each other (i.e. logical atomism).Complex facts are a combination of...

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Historical and Conceptual Issues in Psychology by M. Brysbaert and K. Rastle (second edition) – Book Summary


This bundle describes a summary of the book "Historical and Conceptual Issues in Psychology by M. Brysbaert and K. Rastle (second edition)". The following chapters are used:

- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13

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