Social skills training - summary of part of General principles and empirically supported techniques of cognitive behavior therapy

General principles and empirically supported techniques of cognitive behavior therapyIn W.T. O’Donohue & J.E. Fisher (Eds.)Social skills training. Social skills training can take a variety of specific forms that can be tailored to the particular needs of the client. Social skills involve the ability to communicate with other people in a fashion that is both appropriate and effective. Social skills training is well-suited to clients who are experiencing a psychosocial problem that is at least partly caused or exacerbated by interpersonal difficulties. It may be an effective adjunct to other therapeutic techniques when the psychosocial problem has deleterious effects on clients’ interpersonal relationships. Social skills training can be easily tailored to suit the client’s needs. Contraindications Because social skills training relies heavily on learning processes, clients with profound learning disabilities are unlikely to benefit form more sophisticated forms of social skills training. Prerequisites for social training include: 1) the ability to pay attention to the therapist for at least 15-90 minutes at a time 2) the ability to understand and follow instructions 3) a motivation to learn new, and improve social behaviours.Other factors in deciding whether to use social skills training The technique demands a significant degree of skill on the part of the trainer. ...

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Psychotherapie - Master klinische psychologie


In deze bundel staat alle literatuur die nodig is voor het vak Psychodiagnostiek, in de klinische psychologiemaster van de UvA. Hier wordt ingegaan op cognitieve gedragstherapie. Als een bonus staat er ook literatuur voor relatietherapie.

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