Mechanisms of Disease 1 HC extra: Mycobacterial infections (tuberculosis)

HC extra: Mycobacterial infections (tuberculosis)

Mycobacterium tuberculosis epidemiology

Mycobacterium tuberculosis is characterized by:

  • Droplet nuclei
  • Alveolar macrophage
  • Intracellular survival
  • Spread to lymph nodes
  • Hematogenous spread
  • T-cell immunity → latent stage
  • Reactivation

In regions such as southern Africa, 50% of patients with TB have HIV. HIV affects the CD4 cells, which increases the chance of getting TB enormously.

Pathogen and pathogenesis

Mycobacterium tuberculosis can have 6 different clinical manifestations:

  • Latent
    • Many patients don't have symptoms but are carriers
  • Subclinical
    • Cannot only be transmitted during forceful coughs
  • Limited disease
    • Pneumonia in 1 lung lobe
  • Extensive disease
    • Pneumonia in both lungs
  • Multi-organ
    • Spread by macrophages migrating everywhere in the body
    • For example masses in the abdomen
  • Miliary TBC
    • Very rare
    • Granulomas all over the body
      • The granulomas are visible as speckles
      • The necrosis breaks through to the vessel wall → the bacteria are spread via the blood stream

Diagnosis and treatment


TB can be diagnosed clinically or via diagnostic tests:

  • Clinical
    • Complaints
      • Cough for longer than 2 weeks
      • Fever, night sweats, weight loss
      • Depends on organ involvement
    • Physical examination
  • Diagnostic tests
    • Radiography: never specific for TBC
    • Histology: unusual
      • Granulomas
      • Central necrosis
        • Looks like cottage cheese
      • Multinucleate giant cells
    • Microbiological tests: essential for a correct diagnosis
      • Acid fast staining
        • For example Ziehl-Neelsen
        • The cell wall has a high content of complex lipids → mycolic acids
        • Acid fast bacteria stay pink, non-acid fast bacteria become blue after decoloring
      • PCR
      • Culture
        • Takes 2 weeks to 2 months until the bacteria have grown
      • Antibiotic susceptibility testing
      • Genotyping
    • Indirect
      • Tuberculin skin test
        • A small amount of antigens is injected → the T-cell response is measured
        • Positive mantoux test → the T-cells respond in the skin
        • These tests are not specific for TBC
      • Interferon gamma release assay
  1. A small amount of blood is put in 1 positive and 1 negative control tube
  2. Antigens specific for mycobacterium tuberculosis are put in the tube
  3. If the cells have produced the cytokine interferon g, the person has been exposed to mycobacterium tuberculosis in the past or present


The treatment of

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