Seminar Assumptions and Bootstraps

Summary and study notes 

Welke onderwerpen worden behandeld in het hoorcollege?

Assumptions. In the lecture there are five different assumptions discussed: outliers, multicollinearity, homoscedasticity, linearity and normality distributed residuals. Look at the notes at the end in this document. 

Bootstrapping. You use bootstrap when distributions are not in agreement with the assumptions causing. 

Mediation = the relationship between an independent variable and a dependent variable via the inclusion on a third hypothetical variable, the mediator variable. When you do mediation you always have to use bootstrap, because there is an indirect effect.

Welke onderwerpen worden besproken die niet worden behandeld in de literatuur?

In dit college worden geen andere onderwerpen besproken dit niet worden behandeld in de literatuur.  

Welke recente ontwikkelingen in het vakgebied worden besproken? 

Er worden geen recente ontwikkelingen besproken. 

Welke opmerkingen worden er tijdens het college gedaan door de docent met betrekking tot het tentamen?

Er worden geen vragen gesteld over effects size op het tentamen. 

Welke vragen worden behandeld die gesteld kunnen worden op het tentamen? 

Er worden geen tentamenvragen behandeld. 

Hoorcollege aantekeningen

Assumptions and violations

  1. Outlier may influence your results. If there is an outlier, you have to remove it, especially if it is a theoretical illogical value. Do analysis with and without and inspect whether conclusion is the same (but what if not). Leave it, but correct; e.g. use robust estimator (look at the median instead of the mean). 
  2. Multicollinearity. Toleance = 1/VIF. Tolereance < .2 is a possible problem, tolerance < .1 is a problem. VIF > 5 is a possible problem, VIF > 10 is a problem. When predictors correlate strongly (> 0.8), it is impossible to compute unique estimations for the regression coefficients. The estimations of the b-coefficients are unreliable. The importance of individual predictors is difficult to determine. When there is multicollinearity you have to decide whether you leave all predictors out or some. 
  • In case of an interaction, you have to center the variables. 
  • Remove one of the predictors (leave at least one out, but not all). 
  • Use ‘latent’ effect instead of original variables; use factor analysis or sum score. 
  1. Homoscedasticity = for each x-value there is the same spread. The consequence is that hypotheses tests are no longer valid. If there is heteroscedastic, you can use bootstrap. You
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Summaries & Study Note of Britt van Dongen
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