Lecture 6: Psychological consequences of chronic disease

This lecture is mainly based on tertiary prevention. Tertiary prevention is prevention aimed at those who have already gotten a diagnosis of a disease.The lecture starts with two case studies. The first case study is about David. He’s 52 years old and had a sudden/unexpected myocardial infarction 6 months ago. His lifestyle is reasonable, he works as an accountant and makes long hours, causing him to feel stressed often. Ever since his first, he has been anxious about getting a second myocardial infarction. Therefore he is afraid to do sports and his stress-management is poor. The second case study is about Anna. He’s a 19-year-old girl who has had type 1 Diabetes since the age of 4. Her self-management used to be good and she has a high blood glucose. She studies Biology and has a dynamic social life. She is afraid to tell others about her diabetes because she’s afraid of being seen as different. Her self-management has worsened, mainly because of her avoidance. For both patients it is important to gain (more) information about their backgrounds, network, friends, family, stressors and their history, to know whether these factors play roles in their self-management and coping. What is the difference between chronic disease and chronic illness?A chronic disease is long in duration, often with a long latency period and protracted clinical course. The diagnoses of chronic diseases are categorised in the biomedical system. Examples of chronic diseases are diabetes, HIV and cancer.A chronic illness is an experience of long-term bodily or health disturbance. Examples of chronic illnesses are chronic headaches and chronic pains. 25% of the people get at least one diagnosis once in their lives. When people grow older, more diagnoses are likely to occur. 25% of the people with a chronic disease have some type of activity restriction, for example in mobility, personal care, work or schooling. Having a chronic disease of chronic illness is a...

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