Cognitive Psychology - UL - ExamTests (2016-2017) (EN)

Selective attention models proposed by Treisman, Broadbent and Deutsch & Deutsch differ in the extent to which irrelevant (ignored) information is processed to a meaningful (semantic) level. What is the correct order of the models, from little meaning processing to much meaning processing?Broadbent, Deutsch & Deutch, TreismanDeutsch & Deutsch, Treisman, BroadbentBroadbent, Treisman, Deutsch & DeutschDeutsch & Deutsch, Broadbent, Treisman In a test, the assignment is to complete the letters 'l-c-m-t-e' into a complete word. The chance that this will succeed is greater if the word 'locomotive' has been read some time before (the 'repetition priming' effect).This chance depends on being able to remember the earlier offer of the word in a "recall" task.This chance depends on being able to recognize the word in a "recognition" taskThis chance is independent of being able to remember or recognize the word.This chance depends on both remembering and recognizing the word. Broadbent's model for visual attention contains a "decision channel" with limited processing capacity. What inspired this idea of ​​limited capacity?The discoveries in the field of neuropsychologyThrough the discovery of the modular organization of the brainThe computer and telecommunications technologyThe laws from Gestalt psychology Characteristic of the reading disorder "deep dyslexia" is / are:Semantic errors in reading (for example, calling a jacket a skirt)Patients with deep dyslexia do not read words as existing words Both A and B are correctNeither...

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