Mori et al. Explicitprognostic disclosure to Asian women with breast cancer: A randomized scripted video-vignette study(J-SUPPORT1601)(In Press).

Prognostic disclosure to cancer patients who are in an advanced stage of their disease is considered to be very important. Explicit prognostic disclosure helps to reduce uncertainty that those patients might experience and it helps them to make realistic decision. Clear prognostic disclosure also helps to get goal-concordant care. Uncertainty means that it is hard to determine what illness-related events mean and leads to ambiguity and unpredictability of the future (medical conditions). Uncertainty also leads to more anxiety, psychological distress and a negative attitude towards health care.Studies with cancer patients in Western countries showed that they like to have a prognostic conversation with their oncologist. It also showed that advanced cancer patients who had been told the prognosis, had more realistic expectations and a better view on their disease. It was also found that a prognostic conversation did not lead to heightened anxiety or a worse relationship with the doctor. With providing explicit prognostic information, this leads to advanced care planning (ACP). Advanced care planning is a process in which the care that is provided to patients is tailored to their specific needs and also preferences. It is common among the geriatric medicine and has been shown to reduce stress for the patient as well as for the families of the patient.In Asian countries, most of the patients are also told about the diagnosis of cancer. Advanced care planning is also promoted. But, because of a preference of non-disclosure of bad news and a family centered decision making style, disclosure of poor prognosis is uncommon. Most of the doctors in Asian countries prefer not to talk about end-of-life issues (EOL) or about poor prognosis with advanced cancer patients. Around half of the Japanese and Japanese-American people also did prefer not to talk about the prognosis. In Australia, non-disclosure of a poor prognosis is also common among the Chinese...

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