The psychotherapeutic utility of the five-factor model of personality: A clinician’s experience - summary of an article by Miller inJournal of personality assessment

Journal of personality assessment 57, 415-433Miller, T. R (1991)The psychotherapeutic utility of the five-factor model of personality: A clinician’s experienceIn this article is suggested thatNeuroticism influences the intensity and duration of the patient’s distressExtraversion influences the patient’s enthusiasm for treatementOpenness influences the patient’s reactions to the therapist’s interventionsAgreeableness influences the patient’s reaction to the person of the therapistsConscientiousness influences the patient’s willingness to do the work of psychotherapy The five-factor model is a descriptive, taxonomic trait theory.Trait theory is immediately helpful to the clinician in three particular waysIt helps the therapist anticipate and understand the client’s private experience, because trait measures give a useful portrait of the client’s feelings and needsIt helps the therapist understand and anticipate the problems presented in treatmentIt helps the therapist formulate a practical treatment plan and anticipate the opportunities and pitfalls for treatmentIn real life, patients express all five factors simultaneously. Neuroticism (N)Clinical presentation N influences the intensity and persistence of the patient’s distress.Treatment implications A therapist needs to know where his or her patient stands on the N domain in order to interpret a presenting problem, intake diagnosis or social history.Low on NThe problem is more likely...

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Deze bundel is voor het vak psychodiagnostiek voor het tweede jaar van de studie psychologie aan de uva. De bundel bestaat uit hoofdstukken uit verschillende boeken die geslecteerd zijn door de uva. Besproken wordt hoe diagnostiek plaatsvind en hoe het het beste kan worden

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