Journal of Consulting and Clinical psychology, 73, 1145Hanson, R. K., & Morton-Bourgon, K. E (2005)The characteristics of persistent sexual offenders: a meta-analysis of recidivism studiesThe major predictors of sexual recidivism for both adult and adolescent sexual offenders are:Deviant sexual preferencesDeviant sexual interests: enduring attractions to sexual acts that are illegal or highly unusualMen who commit such acts do not necessarily have enduring preferences for such behaviourAntisocial orientationAntisocial personality, antisocial traits, and a history of rule violationThere is a strong association between rule violation and impulsive, reckless behaviour.The major predictor of violent recidivism and general (any) recidivismAntisocial orientation facilitates sexual offending because individuals will not commit sexual crimes unless they areWilling to hurt others, orCan convince themselves that they are not harming their victims, orFeel unable to stop themselvesSexual offenders are likely to have many problems, not all of which are related to sexual offending.Dynamic risk factors that have the potential of being useful treatment targetsSexual preoccupationsGeneral self-regulation problemsVariables commonly addressed in sex offender treatment programs had little or no relationship with sexual or violent recidivismPsychological distressDenial of sex crimeVictim empathyStated motivation for treatmentSexual offenders are more likely to reoffend with a non-sexual offence than with a sexual offense.Sexual deviancy was unrelated to non-sexual recidivism....

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Deze bundel is voor het vak psychodiagnostiek voor het tweede jaar van de studie psychologie aan de uva. De bundel bestaat uit hoofdstukken uit verschillende boeken die geslecteerd zijn door de uva. Besproken wordt hoe diagnostiek plaatsvind en hoe het het beste kan worden gedaan. Sommigen van de hoofdstukken zijn in het Nederlands, en anderen in het Engels (dit hangt af van de oorspronkelijke taal van het boek). De eerste drie stukken zijn vrij in te zien, voor de rest is een (gratis) wordsupporter account nodig.