Personality assessment methods - summary of chapter 12 of Psychological testing and assessment by Cohen & Swerdlik (9th edition)

Psychological testing and assessment (9th edition)Cohen, R. J. & Swerdlik, M. E. (2018)Chapter 12Personality assessment methods Objective methods of personality assessment: characteristically contain short-answer items for which the assessee’s taks is to select one response from the two or more provided. The scoring is done according to set procedures involving little, in any, judgment on the past of the scorer.As with test of ability, objective methods of personality assessment may include items written in a multiple-choise true-false, or matching format.Whereas a particular response on an objective ability test may be scored correct or incorrect, a response on an objective personality test is scored with reference to either the personality characteristic(s) being measured or the validity of the respondent’s pattern of responses.Objective personality tests share many advantages with objective tests of ability.The items can be answered quicklyIt allows the administration of many items covering varied aspects of the trait or traits the test is designed to assessIf the items on an objective test are well written, then they require little explanationThis makes them suited for both computerized and group administration.Objective items can be scored quickly and reliably by varied meansAnalysis and interpretation may be almost as fast as scoringHow objective are objective methods of personality assessment?‘Objective’ is something of a misnomer when applied to personality testing and assessment.Objective personality tests typically contain no correct answer.The selection of a particular choice from multiple-choice items...

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Deze bundel is voor het vak psychodiagnostiek voor het tweede jaar van de studie psychologie aan de uva. De bundel bestaat uit hoofdstukken uit verschillende boeken die geslecteerd zijn door de uva. Besproken wordt hoe diagnostiek plaatsvind en hoe het het beste kan worden

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