Lecture 5: Learning, memory and spatial behaviour
  • Check the slides on Blackboard for an overview of the models MemoryMemory is the ability to store information, to retain it and apply it later, both in recognition and reproduction. Semantic memory is the memory of facts, like words. Semantic memory is how our brain makes sense of the world and it can be compared to a living database. It helps us cope with new objects and new experiences. Semantic dementia, seen in the shown video, is the inability to distinguish one thing from another. It is caused by cell death in the left temporal lobe. Categories become more general. The patient is still able to identify ‘an animal’, but is having more trouble with identifying what specific animal it is. Semantic dementia results in problems with knowledge, not with language. Models about the short term memory are designed by Baddeley and Hitch and by Atkinson and Shiffrin. These models will be discussed later on. * Baddeley & Hitch model: short term memory The model designed by Baddeley & Hitch consists of several components. The central executive controls everything that happens in the short term memory. It is in control of the incoming information streams and it guides every incoming information stream to the correct location to be processed more accurately. The visuo-spatial store holds information active (repeating) until it must be memorized or forgotten. The visual spatial sketchpad deals with incoming visual information. It functions as a filter, to determine what information must be kept. Visual information is often dominant. The phonological store also holds information active until it is memorized of forgotten. Think of repeating one’s phone number until you can write it down and then forget it. The phonological loop deals with incoming auditory information. This also functions as a filter to determine what information to keep and what not. The episodic buffer is a buffer with limited capacity. If incoming information is...

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