Mood disorders - summary of chapter 5 of Abnormal Psychology by Kring, Davison, Neale & Johnson (12th edition)

Clinical psychologyChapter 5Mood disordersMood disorders involve disabling disturbances in emotion. The DSM-5 recognizes two broad types of mood disorders:Those that involve only depressive symptomsThose that involve manic symptomsDepressive disorders The cardinal symptoms of depression include profound sadness and/or an inability to experience pleasure.Physical symptoms of depression are also commonFatigue and low energyPhysical aches and painsThese symptoms can be profound enough to convince afflicted persons that they must be suffering from some serious medical condition, even though the symptoms have no apparent physical cause.Although people with depression typically feel exhausted, they may find it hard to fall asleep and may wake up frequently.Other people sleep throughout the day.They may find that foot tasted bland or that their appetite is gone, or that may experience an increase in appetite.Sexual interest disappearsSome may find their limbs feel heavyPsychomotor retardation: thoughts and movements may slowPsychomotor agitation: not being able to sit stillSocial withdrawal is common.Major depressive disorder Major depressive disorder (MDD)An episodic disorder: symptoms tend to be present for a period of time and then clear.Even though periods tend to dissipate over time, an untreated episode may stretch for 5 months or even longer.For a small percentage of people, the depression becomes chronic.Major depressive episodes tend to recur, once a given episode clears, a person is likely to experience another...

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Abnormal Psychology by Kring, Davison, Neale & Johnson (12th edition) - a summary


This is a summary of Abnormal Psychology by Kring, Davison, Neale & Johnson. This summary focuses on clincal psychology and mental health. Discussed are etliolgies of disorders and treatments.

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Author: SanneA
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