Summary: Hoza, B., Martin, C.P., Pirog, A.,Shoulberg, E.K. (2016). Using Physical Activity to Manage ADHD Symptoms:The State of the Evidence. Current Psychiatry Reports, 18(12): 113.

The body of research studies evaluating the potential for physical activity (PA) to improve ADHD symptoms and functioning, especially those employing well-controlled designs, is quite limited. This review gives evidence for the potential benefits of promising research in this field, as well as five key points that researchers and practitioners should keep in mind while reading and evaluating this evidence. From a brain science perspective, research shows that PA may promote more adaptive functioning in individuals with ADHD (e.g. changes in neurotransmitter levels, enhanced cerebral capillary growth and blood flow to the brain, promotion of neurogenesis, and growth in brain tissue volume). PA may have a corrective effect on neurodevelopment for those at risk for ADHD, potentially preventing or altering the course of thedisorder. In discussing the PA intervention literature, an important distinction is made between acute and chronic applications of PA. As the goal of the review is to consider the evidence for the use of PA to manage ADHD symptoms over the long term, the discussion is restricted to studies of chronic effects of PA. Unfortunately, the literature is quite limited. The current status of literature show limitations, that include small sample sizes, nonrandom assignment to conditions, insufficient control groups to rule out competing interpretations of results, raters not blind to condition, and biased analyses that only consider treatment completers.These limitations reflect the level of difficulty associated with fitting chronic PA studies into...

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