Experimental & Correlational Statistics - Work Group notes 2018/19

Week 1


Prep exercises

  1. Which combination of measurement levels is required for the use of the Pearson, Spearman, and point-biserial correlation respectively?
  2. Which formula is suitable for calculating the Pearson, Spearman, and point-biserial correlations?
  3. Which formula describes the relationship between rpb and tindep?
  4. Which combination of measurement levels is required for the use of the phi coefficient?
  5. What is the specific formula for calculating the phi coefficient?
  6. Which formula describes the relationship between φ and χ2?
  7. What is the formula for testing the difference between two independent correlation coefficients?
  8. What is the rule of thumb for effect size r2 and r?


Workgroup tips 1

Correlation is NOT causation. It is an association between variables.

Positive correlation = both increase or decrease

Negative = One increases, the other decreases


Pearson’s r; both variables are at an interval level. Formula: ∑ZxZy/n-1

Spearman rho = two ordinal variables (To avoid outlier influence in Pearson’s r) rs = r Important: RANK IT FIRST, then take the z scores

Point Biserial; one dichotomous and one continuous variable rpb = r

Phi is a nominal variable, that only has two levels each aka dichotomous X2 = r


Dichotomous means that the value can only be one of two things. For instance yes/no, male/female, left/right. It is a nominal variable, but where with a simply nominal variable answers can be red/blue/green/yellow, a dichotomous variable could in this case only be red/blue, for instance.


Basically, all of these correlation have the basic formula, which is ∑ZxZy/n-1


R is about sample, ρ is population

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