De Ridder, D., Geenen, R., Kuijer, R., & Van Middendorp, H. (2008). Psychological adjustment to chronic disease. Lancet, 372(9634), 246-255. (25%)

“Psychological adjustment to chronic disease”To promote psychological adjustment, patients should remain as active as is reasonably possible, acknowledge and express their emotions in a way that allows them to take control of their lives, engage in self-management and try to focus on potential positive outcomes of their illness. Patients who use these strategies have the best change of successfully adjusting to the challenges posed by a chronic illness.Chronic illnesses are disorders that persist for an extended period and affect a person’s ability to function normally. Some of these diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis need long-term pharmacological treatment and are characterized by physical disability and pain. Others such as diabetes can be medically controlled, but only when the patients adhere to strict disease management. This is why a chronic illness sometimes has negative effects on quality of life and wellbeing. ...

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Author: Naciye
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