Developmental psychology - summary of chapter 19 of an Introduction to Developmental psychology by A. Slater and G. Bremner (third edition)

Developmental psychologyChapter 19Risk and resilience in developmentResilience: occurs when children experience positive outcomes despite experiencing significant risk. The historical roots of resilience can be traced to research on individuals with psychopathology.Many of the children with mental illness were doing well. Risk factors includes:Catastrophic eventsFamily adversitiesEconomic conditionsExposure to negative environmentsProtective factor: anything that prevents or reduces vulnerability for the development of a disorder.Vulnerability factors: those attributes of the individual that contribute to maladjustment under conditions of adversity.Children’s exposure to risk varies according to age.Children in the first few years of live are highly dependent on their families.Adolescents have larger and more varied social communities and therefore may have access to supportive environments other than family. But they are more influenced by the loss and devastation involved with war and natural disasters.Parental bereavementOne of the most immediately traumatizing events for children and adolescents is the death of a parent.Parental bereavement represents a permanent loss and separation from a primary caregiver.Can be aggraveted by additional stressors.There is evidence that parental death typically has a...

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An Introduction to Developmental psychology by A. Slater and G. Bremner (third edition) - a summary


This bundle contains a summary of the book An Introduction to Developmental psychology by A. Slater and G. Bremner (third edition). The book is about development from fetus to elderly. Only the chapters needed in the course 'Developmental psychology' in the first year of

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Author: SanneA
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