Developmental psychology - summary of chapter 16 of an Introduction to Developmental psychology by A. Slater and G. Bremner (third edition)

Developmental psychologyChapter 16Cognitive development in adolescence PerceptionPerception is one of the cognitive abilities that develop earliest in life.Children’s perception becomes increasingly flexible.Ambiguous figures.Increased flexibility of thought in adolescence allows alternations between the different perspecitves to be easily accomplished in ambiguous figures.Adolescents can identify both components and wholes.Selective attentionDevelopment is evident in the adolescent’s superior ability to allocate attentional resources.Selective attention. the time it takes for the brain to either receive or output information.It develops rapidly during childhood and continues to develop during the adolescent years so that older adolescents show faster speed of processing compared to younger adolescents.This development is at least partially driven by the maturation of white matter in the brain. By early adulthood memory can be quite remarkable.There is a rapid development in face processing abilities during childhood and adolescence, with adult-level recognition reached by about 16 years of age.Is there a qualitative change in face processing between childhood and adolescence?ProposalEncoding switch hypothesis: different information abut faces is...

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An Introduction to Developmental psychology by A. Slater and G. Bremner (third edition) - a summary


This bundle contains a summary of the book An Introduction to Developmental psychology by A. Slater and G. Bremner (third edition). The book is about development from fetus to elderly. Only the chapters needed in the course 'Developmental psychology' in the first year of

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Author: SanneA
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