Financial Accounting Lecture 3 Notes

Chapter 5:The operating cycle and merchandising operationsMerchandise inventory a merchandising businessTwo types:SalesSales discounts are given by the seller to the customer for early payment of the customer’s account. Usually discount on account so don’t receive anything yetsales discounts are debited to the sales discounts account and recorded at the time the customers pays= contra account àincrease on debitPurchase discountsAre taken by the buyer for the early payment of merchandiseThese are credited to the purchases discounts account, which reduces costs of goods sold= contra-accountThis one is from point of view of buyerOne on revenue side on one expense sideFor merchandiseramount paid is sold Discounts are listed as following: Transportation costsFob shipping point buyer pays shipping costs, called freight-inTitle of merchandise passes from seller to byer at the point merchandise is shippedOwner of the product from the moment you buy it Fob destination seller pays shipping costs, called freight-outTitle of merchandise passes from seller to buyer when the merchandise reaches its destination Need to know this for midterm/exam: Inventory is very important, companies can save a lot by doing this right. Focus on slides 31 Inventory systemsPeriodic inventory system costs of good sold is calculated at the end of the accounting period àthe balance of merchandise inventory is not correct at all timesDon’t have the resources to identify which type of product i’m selling, but at end of period to assess total costsWe don’t know balance at all timesCosts of goods sold at end of the monthFor periodic we use purchase account and account payableFor periodic we use purchases returns and payable for returns Perpetual inventory system the company’s accounts are continually updated when merchandise transactions occur àthe balance of ..Know costs of all goods at all timePerpetual: as soon as you make a sale you...

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