Lecture Notes 2016/2017: Cross-Cultural Management - RUG

Lecture: Introduction

What is cross-cultural management about?

It is not so much a managerial functional activity or specialized field (finance, HRM, logistics, marketing...).

  • Within these functions, increased cross-border variety redefines existing managerial activities and introduces new managerial issues. For instance:

    • Who will be in charge of subsidiary X in country Y?

    • Where do we build a new factory?

    • How to manage multicultural teams (costs/benefits)?

    • How do I handle my boss who comes from another country?

Developing global managers: cultural skills and competences or even cultural intelligence?

Where do you find cross-cultural interactions in the managerial world? Where takes the encounter place?

  • Manager – manager / employee - employee

  • Manager – employee

  • Board member - manager

  • Shareholder – board member

  • Client – employee

  • Manager – consultants

  • Expat family – local living conditions

  • Impats – ....

  • Over time the relevance/likelyhood of these encounters changes.

A variety of options with different problems, dynamics and consequences.

History of “culture” concept:

  • Long history in philosophy and social sciences (anthropology, sociology, psychology, economics).

  • Basic issue: distinction between nature and society.

  • Culture is `... that which distinguishes men from animals ...’( Ostwald 1907).

  • ... `While human nature is biologically innate and universal, culture is learned and may vary from one society to another’ ... (Inglehart 1990).

  • The more people start crossing borders, the more they are confronted with cultural differences between groups of people

    • Issue with a very long history

    • Roman empire, crusades, Catholic church, Dzjengis Khan, colonial empires (VOC!), WW1, interbellum globalization, WW 2, .... and nowadays, multinational companies and global institutions as the United Nations.

Culture as a social force (example 1)

The forces of culture run deep and far in a society: further than you think. For instance: `individualism’?

  • 'The quality of being an individual; individuality“ related

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