Introduction to psychology - B1 - Psychology - RUG - Notes

Lecture Notes to be used with Introduction to psychology. These notes provide an introduction to the various subjects within the field of psychology, such as the science and history of Psychology, Consciousness, Perception, Learning, Attention and memory and Thinking and Intelligence.



Lecture: The Science of Psychology

This lecture can be reviewed additionally to chapter 1

This lecture describes what it means to be a psychological scientist, a brief history of psychology, as well as current issues in psychology.

What is Psychology?

Psychology branches out far beyond the clinical realm. In fact, what people often forget is that psychologists are scientists. Psychology, therefore, is the study of behaviour, the mechanisms behind it, and, if necessary, how to change it. This includes long-term and short-term behaviours, as well as the physiology behind them, particularly the physiology of the brain.

What is Science?

Science is the process of discovering new things in or about the world around us. Psychologists use the scientific method to form theories about behaviour:

  • By observing and researching about the world, psychologists are able to come up questions about behaviour.

  • Using these questions, hypotheses are formed.

  • These hypotheses are tested through experimentation or field observation

  • Conclusions about the hypotheses are drawn

Psychology as a Science

It is important to note that this lecture talks about Western philosophy and science (based on dualism), rather than Eastern (monistic) philosophy and science. Psychology, as a science, is empirical, which means that it is about things that you observe, either directly or indirectly. While many things can be observed directly, a large part of psychology is about things that are only indirectly observed.

Psychology bridges the gap between the natural sciences and the humanities. While it can include many other disciplines, such as law, medicine, theology, mathematics, and physics, psychology is ultimately a subdiscipline of philosophy.

The two major themes studied in psychology... Interested? Read the instructions below in order to read the full content of this page.

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