Test Questions Business History complexities and comparisons (Amatori)

These questions are based on Business History by Amatori 2011. The answers you can find in the respective chapters. You can also help your fellow students by writing down your aswers in the feedback section at the bottom of this page


Chapter 2

  1. Explain the difference between the exogenous force and the endogenous force that Chandler considered in his studies.
  2. On which theories of which researchers did the two American economists Richard Nelson and Sidney Winter build their concept of routines upon?
  3. What did the transaction cost theory explain?
  4. Explain the concept of dynamism.
  5. Why is the neoclassical perspective so particularly relevant to the business history of the First Industrial Revolution? 

Chapter 3

  1. Why is the term entrepreneurship so difficult to define clearly, and what does Mark Casson have to do with this?
  2. Who is Joseph Schumpeter and what was he known for?
  3. Who were Max Weber, Werner Sombart and Friedrich Nietzsche, and what did they all have in common?
  4. Why is an entrepreneur sometimes looked upon as a kind of translator?
  5. If you had a spectrum with classical on one side and neoclassical on the other side, where would you put Schumpeter and where would you put Adam Smith?
  6. Why did Edward Denison reject entrepreneurship?
  7. What stands out in the Traité d’economie politique that was written by Jean-Battiste say?
  8. What creates the entrepreneurial paradox?
  9. How was Chandler different from other theorists in his studies on organisations?


Chapter 4

  1. Why and in what ways was preindustrial Europe not a homogenous entity?
  2. What was the main downside of the preindustrial European economy depending almost exclusively
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