English Lecture Notes Developmental Psychology - Groningen, Psychology year 1

Lecture notes from the course in 2015/2016.

Lecture 1: an introduction to Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology builds on several fields within psychology.  It its a combination of physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development.  Development examines both 'what' and 'how' these three aspects change across the human life span. 

The six 'what' factors studied in development are:

Nature vs. Nurture

This is one of the most fundamental arguments in psychology.  Everyone knows that psychological development is influenced by both aspects; however discovering exactly what that means is still largely unanswered.

Activity vs. Passivity

Are we able to influence our own development, or are we simply shaped by aspects that are beyond our control?  Some of these aspects include a person's parents, culture, genetic disposition, and socioeconomic status.  These are all factors of nature or nurture that all can push us into passivity in our own development. 

Goodness vs. Badness

Are individuals fundamentally good?  Do we become more and more 'bad' due to society? This point relates to nature vs. nurture and passivity vs. activity in that if we assume that we are born a certain way, nature and passivity are the clear determinants of our personalities. 

Continuity vs. Discontinuity

Do we change slowly across the lifespan, or do we experience jumps and spurts in our development? Some theorists believe that development is always gradual, while some believe it is always abrupt. In psychology, it is very impractical to think in black and white; thus development, like everything else, has aspects of both continuity and discontinuity. Psychologists examine both quantitative and qualitative changes to address this topic. A quantitative change does not always mean a continuous change, while a qualitative change does not always imply a discontinuative change.

Universality vs. Context-specific

Do all humans undergo the same stages of development; do we all go through the same universal stages?  Or is our development... Interested? Read the instructions below in order to read the full content of this page.

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