WSRt, critical thinking - a summary of all articles needed in the fourth block of second year psychology at the uva

This is a summary of the articles and reading materials that are needed for the fourth block in the course WSR-t. This course is given to second year psychology students at the Uva. The course is about thinking critically about how scientific research is done and how this could be done differently.

Kinds versus continua: a review of psychometric approaches to uncover the structure of psychiatric constructs - summary of an article by Borsboom, Rhemtulla, Cramer, van der Maas, Scheffer and Dolan
Toward a Model-Based Approach to the Clinical Assessment of Personality Psychopathology - summary of an article by Eaton, Krueger, Docherty, and Sponheim
Bayes and the probability of hypotheses - summary of Chapter 4 of Understanding Psychology as a science by Dienes
Bayesian Versus orthodox statistics: which side are you on? - summary of an article by Dienes, 2011
Network Analysis: An Integrative Approach to the Structure of Psychopathology - summary of an article by Borsboom and Cramer (2013)
Introduction to qualitative psychological research - an article by Coyle (2015)
Surrogate Science: The Idol of a Universal Method for Scientific Inference - summary of an article by Gigerenzer & Marewski
WSRt, critical thinking, a list of terms used in the articles of block 4
Everything you need for the course WSRt of the second year of Psychology at the Uva
What is a confidence interval in null hypothesis significance testing?
What are important elements of Bayesian statistics?
What is the Bayes factor?
What are weaknesses of the Bayesian approach?
What is qualitative psychological research?
What criteria should be held by good qualitative research?
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