Hot Air Balloon Flight Or Helicopter Ride - Which One To Prefer?

Who wouldn't prefer enjoying adventurous, thrilling, and exciting hot air balloon flight or helicopter rides with their loved ones? You can enjoy the most incredible view of the city from a helicopter and hot air balloon rides. However, both rides have different feel and experiences to provide to their customers. You can book the tickets online after enquiring about Melbourne hot air balloon prices.

You should prefer the early morning rides for a sunrise view and a calm city view. It is best to explore beautiful landmarks from hot air balloons or helicopters. Confirm the services provided in the package and finalise the beneficial hot air balloon deals in Melbourne.

  • Helicopter flight in a hot air balloon style

Adventurers are always in search of such activities and thrilling experiences. You can take a helicopter flight over Melbourne that becomes a lifetime memory for you. It is a 1-hour helicopter ride that provides a wonderful experience of sightseeing in the Melbourne region.

You have to arrive at Essendon airport and relax in the lounge or guest room. Have a short briefing with the pilot and safety tips. Experience a perfect sunrise view of Melbourne city in the background. 

You can also arrange some facilities as a surprise gift to your partner. Spot the most beautiful view when flying over St. Kilda and Luna park has the perfect view from the top. You can simply adore the beauty of the city on a helicopter ride.

  • Hot air balloon ride experience

Hot air balloon flights are quite interesting and also provide a thrilling experience. You can take a suitable package of specified hours and times of the day with added facilities of champagne or breakfast in the air.

The ride starts from Melbourne and Yarra valley with optional services. You can also take the package that includes photos and videos that can be collected from the organiser after the ride.

Best locations - You should find the best locations for hot air balloon rides in Australia. It will be quite interesting to explore some new and beautiful top views from the balloon. You may never forget the experience of having breakfast, wine, and champagne with your loved ones at a certain height. If you like to explore natural beauty at a steady and relaxed pace, balloon flights in Melbourne are the right choice for you.

It is enjoyable to view the whole city at a relaxing pace. The natural pink and orange-coloured sunrise view and the sky colour with birds chirping around in the meadows, valleys, and river look beautiful from a hot air balloon. You can capture natural views and photos with your camera at a safe distance. It allows you to get the most spectacular views from the top and have a peaceful time.

  • Which one to choose?

Lastly, everything depends on your preferences and likings. Hot air balloon rides and helicopter rides both are quite adventurous and exciting. You can check the money worthy deals and gain new experiences in the ride. Choose the best package and services according to the budget and enquire about any hidden charges before. Check the reputation of ballooning companies in Melbourne before considering their services.



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