Top Restaurant Dining Trends in Sydney


Noted English writer Virginia Woolf had once stated, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

We couldn’t agree more. After all, good food equals a great mood! Since centuries, gastronomy has tempted food aficionados, in diverse ways.

Australia’s favourite harbour city ‘Sydney’ is renowned for her exotic beaches, wines, Harbour Bridge and the magnificent Opera House. However, Sydney has another interesting side – a melting pot of ‘cuisines’!

With Christmas just around the corner, the gorgeous city of Sydney will be teeming with people!  And what better way to celebrate than exploring some lip-smacking local flavours?

Post-lockdown, Sydneysiders have been making a beeline for restaurants. The food scene in Sydney has been witnessing new trends. Right from fancy kebabs, classic retro dishes like prawn toasts to a boat cruise and dinner in Sydney – the local foodie will be spoilt for choice!

Let’s look at the top leading restaurant trends in Sydney this year.

#1. Prawn Toasts 

Prawn toast is among Sydney’s popular food often found listed in Chinese menus. The good news is, this crunchy delicacy is back with a bang at the city’s best restaurants! And guests are more than happy to give in to the temptation of these yummy triangles of bread with rich prawn fillings.

Who can say no to a tempting prawn toast – crunchy and golden fried? It is made with white bread, and comes with a thick prawn topping. Served with herb salad and yuzu aioli, prawn toasts are a much-adored choice of culinary addicts in Sydney.

I bet you can’t wait to dip those triangular prawn toasts in sour sauce and grab a mouthful!

#2. Cruising Restaurants on Sydney Harbour 

Dining in Sydney is incomplete without a classic Sydney Harbour cruise dining experience!

Especially when it comes to Sydney Showboat…  

Lunch cruise onboard the Sydney Showboat is elegance personified. In short, it adds a Midas touch to romantic dates as well as warm, family lunches. Imagine the pure bliss of cruising on an authentic paddlewheeler, sailing across the gentle waters of Sydney Harbour! The experience offers a fantastic buffet lunch that is freshly prepared by chefs onboard.

Be ready for a unique cruising experience in one of the finest Sydney Harbour vessels with theatre-styled interiors. Feel free to choose your favourite wine from our fully licensed bar onboard. Cruising past the harbour’s iconic attractions including Harbour Bridge and Opera House is something that you will remember for a lifetime!

If you want to indulge in an incredible Sydney Harbour lunch cruise, book a table for your group without second thoughts. So eat, drink and say cheers to a beautiful experience.

#3. Return of the French Onion Dip

Some things never go out of style. Retro food, for example ‘French Onion dip' is making a splash at several cafes and restaurants in Sydney.

Back in the 90s, this delectable American dip used to rule the roost as party starters!

Local chefs are now exploring possibilities of renovating this humble dish. Eateries are cooking up a storm in the kitchen – modifying the traditional onion dip with added ingredients like chive oil, celery salt, confit onion and crème fraiche.  

Fresh additions like fried shallots or fougasse, to conventional French onion dips further enhance its heavenly taste.

Traditional fancy foods are returning with the coolest makeovers. Go for the ones that appeal to your culinary preference. But then, if you really seek a unique dining experience, nothing is comparable to the Sydney lunch cruises! With breathtaking views and a diverse buffet, you shall never regret choosing this one.

Bon appetit, dear friends!

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