Unique EOFY Party Ideas in Sydney 2022


There’s no better way to boost team morale and synergy than throwing a party for your colleagues. But this can be a double-edged sword depending on how you use it. A regular office party with average food, music and entertainment won’t do the magic, instead it can be a nightmare. When you’re in a city like Sydney where opportunities are endless, going up that extra mile is necessary to top your average work party. Luckily for you, we have collated some of the best ways to ensure your upcoming party is anything but dull.


A dining like no other


Food and views, the combination we never get tired of.  Most corporates in Sydney take their team out to a fancy diner, where they shake hands, look each other in the face awkwardly, and force conversations for hours. An easy yet brilliant way to escape this is to take them out on the Christmas party cruises on Sydney Harbour. Close the year in style on any top vessels and get immersed in top-quality food, breathtaking views and much more! This is synonymous with going all out as the backdrop of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Fort Denison and Luna Park is the best setting in the city to enjoy an office party, making the harbour cruise Christmas party a major contender for your venue.


Team activities that actually work


The end of the financial year or EOFY is one of the busiest times of the year for companies, making it even harder to come up with ideas. For small teams of less than 20, incorporating activities like murder myster party, escape rooms or other group activities, would do the trick. Activities such as these would encourage team work and act as a catalyst to working as a group to solve puzzles and problems. You can also use many themes like a puzzling murder on a train, a classic ‘70s murder or a suprenatural one. Choosing a venue for such group activity is also vital and if you're low on options, head to Shark Island. This beautiful island on Sydney Harbour with grassy areas, picnic spots, and other modern amenities is ideal for all sorts of outdoor events, plus they also get a chance to explore the colour and history of the island during their stay!


Get the blood flowing


Are you a team of adventurous and ongoing individuals? Then there are heaps of fun waiting to be explored in and around Sydney. Only an hour or so away from the city is the mighty Blue Mountains, which is just the place to fuel your adrenaline rush. Team up for a canyoning tour with experienced guides and climb, walk, abseil and swim the mountains; exploring the remote regions of the mountain which you may not have explored otherwise. The tour requires no previous experience, though it can get physically challenging and forces you out of your comfort zone. If this sounds like you and your team, then don’t think twice!


Few fail-proof tips 


When it comes to office parties, the key is to plan ahead, way ahead if you can. Plan out by asking everyone their expectations, their preferences and likings when it comes to picking a venue or activity. You can use this method for food and drinks too. Let them know how long the party will be, whether there will be alcohol, if guests are invited and so. A handy tip is to host a party during work hours, this way they get to actually enjoy a break and doesn't miss out on their dinner plans with the family. Furthermore, you can incorporate themes, games, award ceremonies, movie nights and more, and make your party an unforgettable one!

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