Scope of Cisco CCNP Certification

Scope of Cisco CCNP Certification - Learn to Level up and never wait at the Basics :

The field of networking is growing each progressing minute. With the world converging and becoming a global space the need for CCNP is also growing each minute. This field has emerged as the sector for most job opportunities. The remunerations for each job role in this field are pretty handsome. All in all this field is a big hit for all venturing into IT. There are many courses that are well suited for people deciding upon setting a foot in the industry. To be able to bank upon the opportunities being presented by the field of networking and also to bank upon the scope of Cisco CCNP Certification. 

it’s only essential for an individual to gain an even broader perspective in the field in terms of experience and knowledge in the technological areas.

Let’s have a look at the courses that can help one get the start they are looking for.

Cisco CCNA

Cisco CCNP Enterprise- ENARSI

Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (300-415 ENSDWI)

CCNP Security

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEHv11)

CompTIA Network+

Cisco DevNet Associate.

Cisco CCIE Security. 

All the courses are well revered and hold a good reputation for helping an aspirant set foot but in this blog, we shall talk about the CCNP Course, Scope of CCNP Certification.

Scope of Study for the CCNP Certification?

The Cisco Certified Professional (CCNP) course helps an aspirant to prove their skills in the constantly evolving IT landscape.

The CCNP-certified certification is designed in a way that the candidate has to appear for two exams, the first exam is of the core technology and an enterprise focus area of the aspirants choice.

This also gives the candidate’s the liberty to shape their career in the direction of their own choice. This certification set the individual apart from the crowd.

The accomplishments get acknowledged on the way, as this certification earns the individual a Cisco Specialist certification. 

CCNP -  Know More about earning the certification. 

The CCNP enterprise certification course makes an individual prepared for the high-end job roles in the IT sector. The CCNP certification course has two parts the qualifying exams, the core exam and the second one is the exam of choice as per the technical area of focus. 

The core exam will help you concentrate and get better at the knowledge you shall need. One implements and focuses on operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies. The candidates can prepare by taking the training course and implementing and operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies. (ENCORE).

The core exam is also credited as the qualifying exam for CCIE Enterprise certification. This exam helps an aspirant to get prepared for both certifications. The concentration exam is solely focused on emerging and industry-specific topics such as network design, SD-WAn, automation, and wireless. 

Benefits Of CCNP: 
  • Stand apart from the crowd with a high-value certification. 

  • Get a certification that is made for you keeping in view your technical focus. 

  • Get ahead in the race of all enterprise technologies.

  • Get an idea to earn the specialist certification to get through any CCNP exam, be it core or concentration. 

Wrapping Up:

The Cisco Courses are all beneficial for upgrading in their respective careers. CCNP in particular is a course that tends to validate the candidate’s learning to set foot in networking.  


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Scope of Cisco CCNP Certification