Sydney After Dark: Top Things to Do in 2022

Built on a massive harbour and fringed by extraordinary beaches, Sydney is one of the most spectacular cities to explore by day. But after the sun fades away into the horizon, the ‘Emerald City’ takes on a new look, which is nothing short of breathtaking. With an abundance of dining, entertainment and cultural events, the city gets busy after dark; Sydneysiders really start to get into the groove of what their city is all about. If you're a newbie or a local looking to let your hair loose in the harbour city, check out these highly-recommended night experiences.


Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruises


I can’t stress this enough. A dinner cruise is the best way to enjoy the true beauty of the city. The scintillating lights from the skyscrapers big and small, the glorious night skies, the perfect twinkling stars, the gleaming waters - tell me a more perfect combo. A dinner cruise on the harbour lets you soak up all of this, alongside some mouth-watering flavours. You get to indulge in an upscale dining experience with some exquisite dishes and beverage upgrades; sip on your favourite drink as you cruise past the legendary Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Luna Park and much more! You know what that means - time to get those ‘gram worthy photos! These dinner cruises in Sydney are pretty popular during this time around, so it is better to book early to avoid disappointments. 


Sydney Observatory


Are you a fan of the stars? Or an astrophile for that matter? One of my go-to nighttime activities is visiting the Sydney Observatory, the oldest observatory in Australia, and checking out the dreamy night skies through state-of-the-art telescopes. It was an eye opener the first time, making me realise how small we are and how vast the universe really is. The professionals who take care of the observatory will be at your disposal to answer your burning questions including the whats, hows and whys about the stars, skies and outer space. Located on top of Observatory Hill, this place also holds exhibitions and educational attractions that will be both informational and fun. It is a highly-recommended family activity!


Roar and Snore at Taronga Zoo


Taronga might be a familiar name if you have been in the city for a while. It is one of the most famous zoos in the world and is definitely worth checking out if you're ever in the city. Although you can visit the zoo during the day, one of the most highly-sought after things to do here is the Roar and Snore where you can stay in the zoo overnight! You will camp inside the zoo, view some of the animals, relish a sumptuous dinner and sleep while listening to the sound of the friendly critters. You can also enjoy special talks with the rangers and know more about the animals and their peculiar behaviours!


Sydney Haunted Tours


Sydney wasn’t always a luxurious city with tall edifices and fun-filled precincts. The city was built upon dark stories of the past, including the actual inhabitants, who were convicts! If you're up for a thrilling experience and are confident that you can still manage to get sleep after a haunted tour, then this one’s for you. There are some seriously horror ghost stories about Sydney which will definitely give you the chills! A simple google search will return you with some amazing ghost tour experiences. These tours will be led by a professional guide who will take you to some of the most scary parts of the city and will enlighten you about some intriguing facts and stories! It’s definitely worth your time and money!

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